Logo Design Process in 7 steps

Creating a logo is a defying process that takes time and several steps to accomplish. To do it right, we have to pass through all of them. Please, take a look and if you have any questions, write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that we will be happy to answer you.

logo design steps

Your logo will be the signature of your business/organization. Every new logo design starts with understanding the project and the client's business. Understanding what is offered, sold, and what needs to be communicated

Using the brief: you can conduct research focusing on the industry, its history, competitors, and people´s perception. The research includes the study of colors, fonts/typography, and common language.

Hands to work. Putting pen to paper (or screen) and start sketching out ideas. Let it flow. There are no bad ideas!

Take your ideas into the computer and refine them digitally. At this point, we have to take into consideration color combinations, words integration with icons, the spacing between elements, size (a check that a logo is still recognizable when it is very small), black & white version, and much more.

Presenting our work is a very important part. This is where we attempt to "sell" your concepts to the client. Usually, we send 1 or 2 options, adding some examples of the logo applied on daily-use elements.

If all the previous steps were well done, you have more chances to have a happy customer.
If they approve, we can refine the concept to make it pixel perfect.
If the client feels the design can be improved, they'll send us back the drawing board.

The process is almost complete. The last step is to hand over all the appropriate files to the client. There will be files that the clients can open in their computers, but some of these files will be only opened in specific designing programs, so don´t worry if you can´t preview them.


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